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The thirst successor to my One Punch Man group fangame for ILUJam 2016 Deep Discount: Coupon Crisis!, this ILUJam 2017 game demo features  the first four scenes of a theoretical OPM Wedding Game, where would would go through the process of getting engages (part 1, this demo), plan the wedding, have it (or don't if you fight too much), honeymoon.... etc 

However, I wasn't able to finish the game demo for ILUJam 2017 and it languished in my WIPs since then, 16 expressions away from completion. Knowing now that I will likely never finish those last bits and I'm definitely not going to make a whole game (though it was fun to think about), I release it now into the world - fully playable with just some blue line sketches for expressions in the last scene (last screenshot).

BB:WC has a short run time (<10 minutes), contains EXPLICIT CONTENT, profanities, 1 animation, and embedded music (can turn off in settings).

The final scene gives the player the option of either making out (non-explicit/wireplay),  or choosing from two R18 options: SG (Genos bottoms) or GS (Saitama bottoms).  The art for the scenes isn't incredibly graphic (entry points obscured), but the text is definitely NSFW. ~WARNING etc~


Art & Story - Dechanique
Coding - Mineraloid
Fireworks Animation - Kristen Garcia

Install instructions

Unzip files the file for your system and open the executable file. If you  have any issues installing or DLing, message me and let me know so we can try to sort it out.


Budget_Buster-5.5-pc.zip 139 MB
Budget_Buster-5.5-mac.zip 122 MB

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